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Yesterday was a disaster! There was a mix up with the schedule and my doc wasn't in (what brain was missing when they told me to come in?) So they seen the pain I was in and sent me to the ER. Now don't get me wrong the ER can be a very very good place to be if the cause is warranted. But I have come to realize that if you are a woman , have a history of migraines and have a head ache they immediately turn the lights off in your room give you a pain shot and then ignore anything you have to say. I was truly grateful for the pain shot but still have no answers. They took a urine sample ( then told me it was clean, you know I needed them to tell me I don't do drugs lol) took blood and then just dismissed me like I was some kind of whiner or something. I'm not sure what John said to then but the doctor sent social workers in to see if I was being abused. I said what!?! I am going blind have a horrible head no bruises or broken bones what makes me look like I been beat on? My husband just wants you all to listen when we say this is something different. I'm not sure I am what's going to happen but I have to go to the neurologist the first of the week, this time he said there would be no mix up with the scheduling. In the mean time if you know of any doctors out there who are like doctor House and are willing to help plz let me know. I am tired of getting no where. I have been on so many different migraine meds and none of them are helping I am not sure why they will not listen and look for the real cause. I guess they are gonna wait till I need the white tip cane before I get any of them to understand. I hope I am strong enough to endure this. I know they may take away my pride and get me to beg but they will not take away my faith in God and the hope that the Lord will touch me. All I hope for is that I will be able to face what every hurtle that is placed in front of me. maybe this is my mountain to climb and if it is I am going to take it one step at a time and tie a knot in the end of the rope and hold on. The devil is not going to win! Just remember me in your prayers that I will be a light for our Lord and that I will have the strength to face this.

Remeber me today plz

I am heading to the doctor in a few minutes. I am sorry for neglecting my posts recently. I am in tremendous pain. My headaches have returned with fury. My eye site is starting to be affected so if I type something that doesn't quite seem right I am sorry for that. I am hoping the doctors will find something today. I may be in the hospital for a while so if you don't hear from me soon you'll know why. I am so scared that I will go blind again. It is hard not knowing why this is happening. I am trying to get the doctors to understand that this is different from the migraines I have, but when I go in usually they don't want to listen. That is so aggravating. I can tell the difference and they need to listen. I am going to beg him today to do something, because this pain is so intense that I can't take it. I went to my family doc yesterday and he gave me a pain shot to get me thru until today but this morning I am in tears. I will probably have a lumbar puncture and MRI and I am not looking forward to them. But if it will give us answers I will not fight. Please remember in in your prayers that the Lord will give me the strength to endure this trail I am facing. It is so hard to be dignified when you are in so much pain. I hope to be back soon but if not don't forget me lol.

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