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Reviews and Giveaways site.

I am transitioning all my reviews and giveaways to my other site. I am going to be posting here just on a much more personal level. I will still post the links here but it will on just to direct you to the Pamdot posts. I love blogger and this site, but I can not organize the items as I would like so I have started the other site so I can keep things simpler. I am starting the long road with my health and have decide to chronical it here. I will appologize ahead of time for delays in my site updates. If you haven't been following before now, I have RA and at times (especially in cold weather) I have trouble typing. I also have Relapsing Remitting MS, at times my muscles do not do what my brain tell them to do. I do not the brain lesions yet so I am stuck waiting to start meds for the MS. I will be posting when I can and hope you will be patient with me. I want to thank all my wonderful readers for you kind thoughts and prayers, You are an awesome group of people. here is the link to Pamdot->http://pamdot.ning.com. Please bookmark it on your browser. I hope you decide to join the groups and forum. I am also open to any ideas you may have for the site.

A Special Thank you for Making a Little's boys Christmas

I would like to extend a special thank you to the 5 minutes for Mom team. My cousin was sent a present from the under the tree program they had going. Thank you so much for making a little boy smile. This is truly the Christmas spirit. It is such a great gift to give happiness to some one so small and innocent. Again thank you for your kindness!

The winner is:

The winner of the RS Design $60 gift card is :
Number 4 Melissa of Mel's Mel's World said...
I love RS designs and have worked with Revka in the past...she's awesome! I love the Happy Days (Bubbles) and so many other designs they have!I would love to be a part of your give away...thanks!Melissa in Mel's World

You have72 hours to contct me or I will pick a new winner. An email has been sent to the address in your comment. Congrats to you!!!

Brand new site launched

hey head over and check out my new site at http://pamdot.ning.com/. It's called PamDot. I am still going to have New and Old but it will become more of a personal blog. PamDot is going to be alot of everything, that is where I am going to post my reviews and contests. Also I'll have a chance to chat with you. Hurry over you could be one of the first members there is also a contest link for a $10,ooo Best Buy shoppng spree!!!

We got our tree up!

We put our tree up finally. We are doing very many decoration done this year. Hopefully I will feel better soon. But couldn't resist doing a little. Hopefully it doesn't look to bad lol. I am a nutcracker nut. I love collecting them. So I found the ornaments at a craft shop, I was so happy to get them. Most of the nutcracker ornaments are to heavy for a artificial tree. When we got the decorations out of storage, I had a horrible surprise. A rat had chewed up my tree skirt and destroyed my lights. I was so upset! At least it didn't get my cloth ornaments too.
This is our version of "stocking hung by the ...with care". No fireplace for us, I found this stand online and thought it was adorable. Sarah helped me paint the stockings with our names and outlines. I thought we done a pretty good job. I got them after Christmas last year at a steal I paid a quarter a piece for them. I love the after Christmas clearance!!
Bucky got this snowman for me for my birthday. I love it. He plays jingle bells and dances to sound. John hates it but what does he know lol.

If we decide to do any more decorating I will get the pics posted. But I doubt if we will. I am just happy to get what we have up this year done. Usually we go all out decorating but just can't seem to find the energy to do it this year. I hope everyone has a happy and joyous Christmas this year. And truly understands the meaning of the holidays. The birth of our Lord and Saviour. I know historians say Jesus was not born on Dec. 25th. That may be true and may not be, we have no way of knowing for sure. But it is the day we have set aside to celebrate his birth and that's good enough for me.

Have you heard about mouseprint.org?

I came across this site today and am glad I did! With the economy the way it is, we have to watch our dollars. So reading labels to get the best deals are a must. Of course we all have our favorite things we just can't give up right? I am guilty of just grabbing things at times with the motto "I've bought this before" and not paying attention. But some companies are trying to fool us. They are downsizing products in a sneaky way. The packages seems the same but the ounces or sheet sizes are not. Some even add a fancy new gadget to take the attention away from this fact. While the amount is shrinking the price is not! Mouseprint.org is a site that tells us just what products to watch out for. Personally I think these companies have a right to downsize these products but should not try to hide it from the consumers! We have enough to contend with without having companies trying to stick it to use. I say be up front about what you are doing and your costumers will understand. What do you think?

It's a Boy

We are proud parents! Meet Harley, he's the newest member of our house. We haven't had a cat for quite a while so the girls are thrilled. What prompted us to get a cat? John got my Christmas decoration out of storage (under the house) and my tree skirt is in shreads and out of 5 strings of lights for the tree we retrieved 3 1/2 strings all in short sections. RATS! literally rats, where our home is now was a hay field last year so the pests made our new home their own. I was mortified, it took me years for find the perfect tree skirt (I am so picky that way). The traps didn't work and I don't want to poisin them due to the other animals around. We have 2 doberman pichers. So we added little Harley to our family. It will be a while before he can earn his keep but getting him small we can train him to fit in. Plus he is so cute who could resist? We named im Harley because he purrs like a motorcycle (get it?). The only down fall is he was used to 4 brothers and sisters so now we are his play toys. My feet will never be the same again.

The winners of the Noevir Travel set are..->

Thru Random.org without further ado here are you 5 winners.

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Timestamp: 2008-11-29 14:04:56 UTC

#12 Kimberly
#45 Jessica
#55 micaela6955
#62 Mommyhood is Thankless
#70 Roxy

Congrats be on the lookout for your emails. You will need to contact me no later than Monday Dec. 1st or I will have to choice a new winner. Thanks for playing.

What do I do?

I am still haunted by the doctors visit I had on Monday. I can not seem to shake the terrible sense of shock. I have been given so many different maybes in the past but this one just won't settle. He (my doc) set me down and told me he need to discuss something with me. He had not mentioned it before because he did not want to alarm me. Well I guess I should be thankful for that. He also told me I should start thinking about getting my home ready for the changes I may be facing (not to reassuring huh?) How do you get ready for that? I have been doing a little research about ALS these past few days and it only scares me more. I find myself wondering how I am going to be able to take care of my family. I am trying to act as though this isn't bothering me so they will not worry, but I don't know how much longer I can. It's hard to hide your worry from the ones closest to you. I am glad I have you all out there to talk to, it gives me a way to try and cope. Thank you to all my blogger friends for your kind support. I don't know what I'd do without you . Please remember me in your prayers that I will be found doing what the Lord has for me to do and that He will give me the strength to cope.

May I proudly Introduce-->

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Stanley Matthews. Stanley was born July 21, 1939. He weighed a whopping 13 pounds. He was the first born to Mr and Mrs Fred Matthews. I miss my daddy so much! My birthday is coming up, I guess is made me realize how much I do really miss him. I love you Daddy!

I Still Miss You

This yearning in my heart

This confusion in my mind

The words left unspoken

Haunts me all the time

Everyday I watch pass by

With an emptiness in my life

And a hole in my heart

Where only you belong

Look who came to visit

It's been to long it seems since our grandson came to visit! He is growing so fast. Lucas Issiah was born Dec 12th. Can't believe he'll be 2 soon. We have 3 other grandsons Tyler 12, Braxton 9, and Taden 6. I am hoping I can get some new photos of them to post.

Here I am dirty face and all. He was saying "papaw pop" You guest if he is a true papaws boy when it comes to pepsi!

But what papaw don't know Lucas is meemaw's boy at heart. One things for sure he's my little pumpkin!

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