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Happy Anniversary to My wonderful Husband!!

16 years ago I went on a first date, (one that I had dreamed about for many years)and 14 years ago today I became Mrs. John Vest. I have been in love with John (aka hubby and DH) since I was 9 years old. He is 9 years older than I so he didn't know I existed other than his sister's boyfriends annoying little sis lol. After many years had passed his sister Mona brought us together. I had thought of John throughout the years and wondered how he was the love I felt for him was still hidden in my heart. I was leery of seeing John back then because I was afraid he would break my heart. I am glad I chanced it. While I will not say our life has been a bed of roses (any one who says that can not be real every one has trials) I can say it has been worth every moment. I am so lucky to have him. He is such a good father and loving husband. He has given me a good life and a happy home, what more could a woman want? John and I eloped (it was so romantic). He picked our day so he would never forget, we were married in 1995 and the date is 1-9-95, I thought how sweet that is. He has never forgotten either I am ashamed to say I have though (bad wife). I would like to take this time to tell him just how much I do appreciate him and how utterly in love I am with him! He has filled my life so completely. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I could not think of anything, he has spoiled me so. I mean we are not rich by any means, you know no million dollar cruises or $500 toilet paper (why?). I am so grateful he is standing by me thru all this drama with the doctors and my medical problems. That in itself is enough. So here goes the mushy stuff.

John I love you so completely. Thank you for the years of happiness and tenderness you have given me. You have surpassed anything I could have imagined when you asked me to be your wife. You are such a wonderful husband and friend. I could not ask for anything more.

This family needs our Prayers

Please remember this family in your prayers. The sorrow they are feeling words cannot describe for little 4 year old Coleman Scott has went to be with our Lord. He lost the battle with cancer. our heart felt sympathy goes out to his family. I hope you can find peace in knowing his suffering has passed and he will now be at peace. Joining our Lord in heaven forevermore in no pain or sorrow. I will not pretend to understand your pain, I can only offer my deepest sympathies and prayers. May God ease your pain and let the wonderful memories of Coleman's life fill your heart with joy. You can read Coleman's story here->http://www.carepages.com/carepages/ColemanScott
The family has requested instead of flowers you may make a donation in Coleman Scott's memory to:
or The Hospice House of Fort Dodge, Iowa

What's your twitter temperature?

I came across this site just a few minutes ago. It's kinda neat to see what your twitter temperature is. here's the link-> http://twitemperature.com/
It's says mine is I'm volcanic 147 lol what's yours?

I am still kicking.

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I miss everyone. I have been under the weather lately and just haven't felt up to writing alot. I did manage to get a couple of reviews done for pamdot though. I am still waiting on a few of y test results to come back to clinically diagnose the MS, but the doctor says that is what I have (you know all the need to be on paper stuff is what we are waiting on before he can start e on meds). I got really discouraged for a while because I can not get out that much. Of course the weather has helped that tremendously. You don't want to get out when it is so cold lol. I guess I got cabin fever or something. I need to try to get out and walk though. I did find out that my weight problem is from my thyroid. That at least gave me some good news, I mean I am not over weight because I eat to much lol. I am starting meds for that and the docs say I should see an improvement very quickly. Let's hope anyway. I am trying to save up money to get a treadmill. I have problems getting out and not being able to get back, so DR suggested I get one and that way I could walk and not worry about getting stuck way away from help. Seems like a good idea, but those things are expensive. I tried one of those ones that are not motor driven and with my muscle problems I can't seem to get them going. So I don't think wasting money on one of those kind would be a good idea. So I got me a jar and marked it walking fund (hubby says he hopes it doesn't walk off lol). I am placing all my change in it and when I get enough I will head to the store. Good thing it is a gallon jar lol. I have another ready cause somehow one doesn't seem like it's going to be enough. I thought about checking out our local goodwill to see if they may have one. sometimes you can find really good deals there. Maybe at one point I will be contacted to do a review for one. That would be such a blessing, but not gonna hold my breath lol. So if there are any companies that would like me to feel free to contact me I would be more than happy to do a full review. I am truly grateful that I can do the things I am able to do though. I know the Lord has really blessed me, if it were not for His grace I would be nothing. The girls and I have started a new hobby. We have been making shower gel, hair conditioner, candles and wax tarts. Nothing fancy with the candles just some tea lights. I made some that smell like popcorn balls. hubby loves the smell, he likes it when he walks up to the door that the scent greets you as he says. My step daughter Crystal is trying to get me to start a shop, but I don't know. I may do something like an online shop at one point but for now it is nice to share the time with my girls. It is a nice break from worry about the problems we face. I am so blessed with my girls (actually all my children), we have such a good relationship. They are so much fun to work with, not to mention shop. I took them to Catos the other day, Sarah got a gift card for Christmas. She found her the most adorable top and shoes, Kayla got her a couple of pairs of jeans and a cute top too. They have really nice clearance sales, for that I was grateful. We ended up spending only $35 nice on the wallet lol. We had so much fun. Sarah worries that it gets to hard on me, but it is so worth it to spend time with them for they will be grown and on their own all to quickly! I really dread that time, but it is going to happen whether I want it to or not. So I cherish every moment I can. Please remember us in your prayers. Hopefully I will have some good news next time I post. I hate to bring bad news all the time.

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