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I am transitioning all my reviews and giveaways to my other site. I am going to be posting here just on a much more personal level. I will still post the links here but it will on just to direct you to the Pamdot posts. I love blogger and this site, but I can not organize the items as I would like so I have started the other site so I can keep things simpler. I am starting the long road with my health and have decide to chronical it here. I will appologize ahead of time for delays in my site updates. If you haven't been following before now, I have RA and at times (especially in cold weather) I have trouble typing. I also have Relapsing Remitting MS, at times my muscles do not do what my brain tell them to do. I do not the brain lesions yet so I am stuck waiting to start meds for the MS. I will be posting when I can and hope you will be patient with me. I want to thank all my wonderful readers for you kind thoughts and prayers, You are an awesome group of people. here is the link to Pamdot->http://pamdot.ning.com. Please bookmark it on your browser. I hope you decide to join the groups and forum. I am also open to any ideas you may have for the site.

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