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What do I do?

I am still haunted by the doctors visit I had on Monday. I can not seem to shake the terrible sense of shock. I have been given so many different maybes in the past but this one just won't settle. He (my doc) set me down and told me he need to discuss something with me. He had not mentioned it before because he did not want to alarm me. Well I guess I should be thankful for that. He also told me I should start thinking about getting my home ready for the changes I may be facing (not to reassuring huh?) How do you get ready for that? I have been doing a little research about ALS these past few days and it only scares me more. I find myself wondering how I am going to be able to take care of my family. I am trying to act as though this isn't bothering me so they will not worry, but I don't know how much longer I can. It's hard to hide your worry from the ones closest to you. I am glad I have you all out there to talk to, it gives me a way to try and cope. Thank you to all my blogger friends for your kind support. I don't know what I'd do without you . Please remember me in your prayers that I will be found doing what the Lord has for me to do and that He will give me the strength to cope.

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Claire said...

I am right there with you and praying for you. Go check out the group Posh Mom's Helping Posh Mom's on the Posh Parent... I posted something similar to this today.... it is amazing how much illness effects our lives and the lives of those around us. I am 29 and my doctor checked to make sure that I had a will and if I did'nt he said I should get one done ASAP... YOu are in my thoughts and prayers. YOu have us, your bloggy friends virtualy holding your hand through all of this.

Haasiegirl said...

oh pamela, if i can do anything at all, you are in my prayers sweetie. I know that god will watch over you and as a blogging buddy, i will be here to listen. If you ever need my phone number just to vent, please let me know


Mommyhood is Thankless said...

I am praying for you, I know it is tough but turn to God. He has a plan for you and your family.

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